Summer Newsletter

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9th & 10th January 2015

Friday Jan 9th kickstarts the events with a Bush Dance followed by our Open Day with demonstrators showcasing pioneering skills.

Come play traditional games with us and buy something from our auction. 


Director's Report

Spring is done and summer is here! – as the saying goes “another one bites the dust”. Can ya sing it? Louder! But we “can’t stop the music” and Mittagundi has a lot of it as the Noisy Camp attracts young people to the banks of the mighty Mitta Mitta! So we keep rolling out our sleeping bags and socialising with a great bunch of kids. 

I just love watching the staff work with these young people – growing confidence, skills and patience. So in my sadness to let the staff team of 2014 go, I would like to say “Thank you Sandon, Aly, Jesse, Claire, Toby and Michael,” your contribution to Mittagundi has been extraordinary. Not only has the team devoured the year with learning and fun, they have also followed my visions and values all the way through. They have continued to clean up the property from winter storms, look after the animals, build toilets and fences, revamp the garden, make stuff, while providing quality programs. I wish the team the best of happiness and recommend a holiday before working or studying hard. (The staff’s reflections have been added to this newsletter). I do get to keep two other staff we employed during Spring - Claire Peck (Business Manager ) and Sal Kimber (Communications Officer). Together we have been Spring cleaning our marketing materials and developing action plans. SO! Watch out 2015 here we come with renewed energy and purpose. Our vision is to accelerate our bookings and get out there talking about Mittagundi. If you are involved with groups, education institutions, service clubs, schools and youth groups, we would love to talk to your group about what we do. Another interesting opportunity for all you lot out there wanting to help fundraise or support Mittagundi . . . we are creating Mates of Mittagundi. Yep MOM! Because Mom’s support what we do right? You will need to register with Sal Kimber when we have our systems ready to run. 

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