Our vision 

To excel at helping young people find their purpose and achieve their potential

Our mission

Mittagundi Outdoor Education Centre exists to:

Provide for young people from a variety of backgrounds educational opportunities and activities designed to foster: self-reliance, self-esteem, independence and the capacity to fit in and contribute to a community

Encourage awareness, knowledge and appreciation of the environment and of ecological systems 

Impart a basic knowledge of agriculture and horticulture

Generally increase the capacity of young people to live under and deal with physically and mentally taxing conditions

Our aims

Service Delivery

We aim to deliver extended outdoor experiences for young people in a remote, environmentally responsible ‘pioneer’ farm and mountain setting.

Community Development

We aim to foster good relationship and involvement with our people (locals, supporters, schools, agencies, staff and students) to enable Mittagundi and its impacts to flourish.

Organisational Strength

Mittagundi is a responsible, legally compliant and sustainable organisation delivering people focused, value-based program for young people.

Our values

Council members and staff are united in a passion to enrich young lives.

These values describe the essence of our organisational culture, and how we relate to those within and outside of Mittagundi.  They are also the values we endeavour to impart to our participants:


We act in ways that demonstrate our respect for ourselves, each other and the environment


We understand we are responsible for our actions and achievements 


We appreciate the crucial importance of the environment 


We are mindful of the importance of knowing ourselves and are sensitive to those around us


Having fun is a great part of life that we create in our Mittagundi experiences 


We make the most of what we have, within ourselves and around us