Phil O'Donnell - Director



Alli Walker  

Bookings & Communications Manager

Alli Walker Bookings and Communication

Alli is based in Mansfield and manages all the enrolments, social media & relationships with school and community groups for Mittagundi.

Alli has a background in Health, Education, Tourism and Events.  Alli has a Diploma in Tourism & Events and a Graduate Certificate in Adult Education and Training amongst her qualifications. She loves living in the High Country and is a keen skier during the winter (both downhill and cross country) and is a swim coach during the summer months.  As the mother of two teenagers, Alli enjoys spending time in their beautiful "backyard".  


Dan O'Brien - Program Manager

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Dan will be familiar to many from when he was a program leader in 2010. This year, Dan returns as Program Manager and brings his love of cups of tea, storytelling and drawing as well as his calm and friendly nature. Dan is originally from Ireland and loves simple living and working with young people in nature. Dan is looking forward to helping a new team learn and grow, making stuff and embracing the challenges of the Program Manager role.

Program Leaders

Amos Fuller - Program Coordinator

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Amos, Mossie, Moose, Amoski. Just don’t call her Amy or she will think that she’s in trouble!

Reigning from Wangaratta, Amos was lucky enough to experience Mittagundi as a young person in 2006. It was this experience that sparked her affinity with the notion of one day living and working at Mittagundi. Mossie will tell you that the experience reshaped her approach to life in general, “It changed my life as a young person. It opened my mind to simple living, purpose, the rewards of hands on, physical labour and the beauty of the great outdoors.” Having been fixated on the idea of working at Mittagundi ever since, Amos has simply been waiting for the right time to pack her bags. We are so glad that the time is now! Mossie is our new Mittagundi mum, full of kindness, warmth, support and a brilliant sense of humour. We have also recently learned of her love for Celine Dion. We’re all a little confused by this but we’re trying not to hold it against her.

This year, when she isn’t distributing hugs to staff, Amos, as Program Coordinator will be providing support to Dan, our Program Manager and doing other leader-like tasks. Through her job areas, Amos will be managing both ends of Mittagundi’s digestive chain; Pantry, Kitchen and Toilets. Mossie will also be looking after our beautiful cows with Gilly as her sidekick. We believe that she will do great in each of her job areas, contributing her mean appetite for a healthy diet and nutrition, organisation skills worth categorising and an udderly great love for the cows. Brucey cow stole Amos’s heart when the cheeky cow broke into the dairy for an easy feed of hay, “that was hilarious”. Amos is looking forward to being a part of the circle of life whilst looking after our girls, “calving, milking, eating and sharing that life lesson with young people”.

Getting to know Mossie, you will quickly learn that even more important to her than Celine Dion are her family.  Mossie has very graciously extended that sense of family to include the 2018 Mittagundi staff team and we feel pretty lucky! We are so grateful to have Amos on our team this year, sharing her enthusiasm for the role, her love of Mittagundi and infinite belly laughs. Welcome to the team and to the family, Mossie!


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Sarah “Gilly” Gilleland has elected to join us for another round at Mittagundi, having been on the team for the second half of 2017. She hails from Geraldton, WA, and is looking forward to surviving another winter in the High Country. Gilly enjoys sleeping, music, being outside, and sharing the outdoors with young people. 

Gilly came to Mittagundi because she loved the idea of working at a place that fosters human relations and connections. She believes that young minds are very impressionable, and that Mittagundi offers a great opportunity for them to be exposed to different mind-sets with a community focus, hoping that this experience will have a positive impact on their futures. 

Gilly has taken charge of the joinery this year, as she enjoys old-school crafts for their techniques, and the time dedicated to creating something from scratch, without the use of modern technology. She finds it meditative, and that it will be an opportunity for young people to explore their creativity and find discipline in the craft. Gilly’s favourite foods are dairy products and fruit, so it’s no wonder that she is taking care of the cows and orchard. She loves fresh, nourishing food, and enjoys sharing the connection of where food comes from with young people.

Gilly is most looking forward to seeing young people from last year’s courses return on follow ups, learning more about the orchard and developing strong, lasting friendships with her teammates.

We’re stoked to have Gilly with us, and we’re so lucky to have someone show us the ropes!

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Fergus Dale

Fergus comes to Mittagundi from boarding school in Melbourne, and hails from the Indigo Valley of country Victoria. He is most commonly found in the vegetable garden, fondly looking after the chooks, knitting a beanie, learning guitar or reading in his hammock. Ferg has unshakable work ethic accompanied by a heart of gold, as well as an ever growing collection of fabulous woollen jumpers. He has a sunny disposition and makes the staff team cry with laughter on a regular basis. We are all so happy to have him on team this year, and excited to see where his future will take him.

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Dairè Kelly

Born in Dublin, Ireland in the early 90s, Dar grew up in the Lucky Land of the Irish until age 21, before moving to Australia to join his parents and younger sister in Melbourne for University purposes (Physics).
Dar is a hands on, adventurous kind of lad with a craze for playing the guitar, rock climbing, paddling rivers and other water sports. All these interests coming in ‘handy’ for joining the 2018 Mittagundi Team!
Dar jumped online to make the inquiry into the next BIG chapter of his life with thanks to ‘Adventure Pro’ Website he applied for a Leader Position at a place he had never heard of or been to.
He was quite ‘over’ being indoors with Uni and a furniture factory job, realising his need to take his passions into a career.
Mittagundi JOB AREAS:
Rafting and Abseiling Gear – for obvious reasons
Horses, Rubbish, Forge and the Orchid.
Our quirky, intelligent Dar is looking forward to the variations of programs. In particular Dar is keen on witnessing the “aw” factor from young people who might not of had much exposure to the beautiful High Plains and Great Outdoors.

4. steph.JPG

Steph Miller

Can't find your way back to the Octopus tree as its late and the mist is coming in? Have no fear! Steph Miller’s hearty laugh will guide you better than your compass (This actually happened)

Steph comes to Mittagundi with fresh eyes, oodles of enthusiasm and a strong background in youth work. This year you may find her in the garden, teaching those cheeky horses who is boss or simply having a cuppa and chat. Steph has a love of games, jokes and the outdoors which all combine well here. You can't miss her with the funkiest felt headband on site so be sure to come up this year and trade Simpsons references with Steph!

 Left to Right - Back -  Dan, Fergus, Ian Stapleton, Gilly, Lesley  Front - Daire, Steph, Amos, Phil

Left to Right - Back -  Dan, Fergus, Ian Stapleton, Gilly, Lesley

Front - Daire, Steph, Amos, Phil