Buy a pair of ski boots!


Our Cross Country ski boots get a really good work out over winter.  We have up to 10 ski programs over a 3 month period with up to 24 young people (and their team leaders) out on the snow at any one time.  As with anything that is used over and over again, the boots wear out. We'd love to buy 50 new pairs in time for 2018 - can you help?  Each pair of boots will cost us $125 (a heavily discounted price).  We'll give you a massive shout out in the newsletter and rave about how wonderful you are!

Buy a pair of ski boots


Alpine Walk Donations

The Alpine Walk is the only program that sees Mittagundi and Wollangarra join forces! Only a handful of young people are selected from each organisation to take part. The young people selected have shown considerable support, enthusiasm and passion for Mittagundi/Wollangarra and have demonstrated their leadership and resilience capabilities. 

The aim of the program is to fundraise for Mittagundi/Wolangarra and finish with a triumphant 11day walk. Therefore the program is a two-part experience:

a) Fundraising for Mittagundi prior to the walk
b) 11 day walk from Wollangarra to Mittagundi (or vice versa) along the Alpine Walking Track

The 2019 Alpine Walk participants are:

  • Eadie Pfahlert

  • Moara Smith

  • Jett Archer

  • Meiteya Rocha

  • Tully Boyle

Your support and donations for the Alpine Walkers can be placed via the link below.

Mittagundi Donations

Donate and help Mittagundi provide life changing opportunities to young people

Click on the "Donate Here" link below to make a non deductible General Donation AND/OR a tax deductible donation to the Building Fund.

donate here

Why we need your support

For over 30 years Mittagundi has provide challenging, life changing experiences for young people. It is an inspiring story of incredible effort against the odds. Thousands of young people have completed Mittagundi courses. We continue to exist only because of the will of our community.

We do not accept any government funding; instead we rely on the generosity of our community to continue our work. Only 50% of our funding comes from Program Fees and so we aim to raise the other 50% from our community.

Key Facts:

  • Our Team donate their time. Team Members get a small monthly allowance, but are volunteers. They work extremely hard to provide amazing programs at a tiny cost. All your money supports programs. Almost nothing is spent on administration. 

  • Our programs are accessible for all young people. Your donation helps keep it this way

  • Our insurance is expensive! 

  • Mittagundi is only as strong as its community


More on Monthly Donations . . . 

From just $20 a month you can become a vital part of Mittagundi's support network. Your monthly contribution will help us to continue to provide real and life changing opportunities for Young People. 

What you get as a regular supporter

  • We will keep you up to date on what is happening with our regular newsletter. 

  • As a Member, you will be invited to events and other exciting opportunities to engage with the Mittagundi Community.

  • Every year you will get a letter from a young person who has attended a course, helping you to stay connected with the reasons for our programs. 

  • Most importantly, you will feel good about your role in the continued operation of Mittagundi. Your donation will go directly to help run our courses; giving young people the opportunities they deserve.