Risk Management at Mittagundi

Mittagundi has been delivering safe programs for over 40 years.  With over 500 young people each year coming to Mittagundi, we understand that safety is the highest priority and we are dedicated to ensuring young people are provided with a safe physical environment to grow and develop but also a safe emotional environment.

Download the Mittagundi Risk Management document - March 2015

Bushfire Season Management

Mittagundi has a comprehensive Emergency Management Plan. This plan covers a wide range of scenarios including the bush fire danger season.

The remote setting of Mittaqgundi necessitates specific consideration of a number of factors, including the use of equipment and facilities at Mittagundi.

The Fire Management Plan developed for Mittagundi includes consideration of:

·       Code Red Days

·       Fire season preparation

·       Equipment preparation, including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

·       Student scenarios - on the flat, on hike, in a vehicle

·       Stay or go

·       Yearly staff training

·       Homestead defence

·       Communication

 How does Mittagundi respond to Code Red Days?

Mittagundi has specific procedures to manage Code Red Days. These procedures have been developed sourcing reference information from the Country Fire Authority.

Code Red Days are declared by 5 pm on the previous day by the CFA. The Director keeps updated by the CFA each day of the fire season.

On Code Red Days no young person will be at Mittagundi - they will leave prior to the day and remain off the property for that day. Additionally, young people will be removed from the hike on the day before and travel on such days will only occur in consultation with Parks Victoria and the CFA. It is possible that the young people may return home.