Mittagundi Book Project

We need your Mittagundi photos and stories now!

Help Celebrate Mittagundi’s 40th Anniversary

Mittagundi will be publishing a book in 2019 as part of the 40-year anniversary celebrations. We want to bring together a pictorial history to help celebrate the fantastic contribution that has been made both by, and to, Mittagundi.

Our aim is to weave together some of the amazing history and stories with your great photos. We want to create a book that captures the spirit and culture of Mittagundi and highlights why it remains more relevant than ever. We don’t have the resources to produce a formal structured history but what we hope to do is create a book that will bring memories flooding back as well as encourage the next generation of young people to Mittagundi carry it forward.

So please, check your albums, storage boxes, diaries, hard drives, phones, digital albums and memories. And if it makes you think of the amazing impact that Mittagundi has had then send it in.  

How to get your memories to us?

As we are aiming for a high quality professionally published book the quality of photos will be important, so we will set up a drop-box or google-photo account for those with digital snaps. (Please ensure you send the highest resolution photo files that you have as it is critical for the publishers.)

  • Originals and documents can be sent in for scanning and return however we would prefer for you to email SCANNED (not photocopied) copies so that we don't have your precious originals.
  • General text and documents can be emailed or mailed.  
  • Your comments, descriptions, names and dates will be very important for ensuring context.



We will need your contributions by September 15 to allow us to meet our deadlines.

While it won’t be possible to include everything we receive in the book, everything will be digitised to form part of a permanent Mittagundi archive. 

Many of you already provided photos and stories to the 40th bash at Mittagundi last January.  However, in true Mittagundi fashion we didn’t capture them as the book project had not been organised at that stage. So please dig them out again.

Towards the latter part of this year we when the structure of the book and costs are finalised we will let you know how to order.  However, note that the book will only be available for purchase directly from Mittagundi and will not for sale through book shops.  

We are very lucky that a friend of Mittagundi, Annie Chapman, is doing her Masters of Writing and Publishing and has agreed to help us.  As a result, we have the opportunity to get professional management and significant savings on this project.  It will be produced in collaboration with Bowen Street Press, the student-led publishing house of RMIT’s Master of Writing and Publishing.  This not only ensures a great product but also maximises the money that will go directly to supporting the future of Mittagundi.

And, please note that by sending your photos, stories and memorabilia too us you will be agreeing to the terms and conditions below and that the items you share with us may be used in either this book project, the Mittagundi website or a future publication.  

Please join Ian, Bloggs, Gibbsy, the Mittagundi Council and many others in supporting this project.

Terms and Conditions

Copyright: By submitting materials you are granting Mittagundi the right to publish these materials in both printed (book) and digital (website) formats and under the following conditions: 

  • The author and/or photographer retain their copyright but licence these rights to Mittagundi for the life of the book including reprints and other formats and for the duration of their presence online.
  • These rights are not exclusive and the copyright owner is free to use these materials at any time and in any form.
  • As the copyright owner of a photograph, you must ensure that you have the permission of any other people who appear in the photograph for it to be used.

Acknowledgement: You will be acknowledged as the copyright holder of these images and as such an attribution will appear in both the book and on the website.