Pozible Fundraiser

This year we have a focus on improving our staff accommodation heating facilities. We have set up a Pozible Crowdfunding campaign to try and reach our target of $15 000.  

Up until now the staff have coped with 40 year old heaters that are not efficient and don't keep the staff warm for long. This makes winter an interesting time as the woollen garments are always on and at some point it would be nice to enter our rooms and take off a layer. 

Each year we have a group of young people come back and help us restock our wood shed for the following winter. This program is very appealing to the young people because they know they are helping the future staff have wood for their winter.  Wouldn't it be great for the young people to know the fire wood will go a long way with more efficient heaters? 

You can help us out by donating (and receiving a great Mittagundi reward) via this link

Mittagundi Heating Fundraiser