Spring Newsletter

Wow what a Winter! Snow down to 500m’s at times, multiple severe frosts, cold days, some warm days, clear days and windy days. Yep! Its Winter in the Valley and the wood is burning fast. Since our last newsletter in April we have had an Alpine Walk lead by Foss and Casey with 10 students from Wollangarra and Mittagundi. We would like to thank them for completing this epic walk and the fundraising is much appreciated. After finishing a couple of programs over the Easter holidays we helped Tess and Graeme Payne host the first ever ‘DO Lectures’ in Australia. Much is to be said about this event. It was an inspiring event and we made some new friends and opportunities for Mittagundi. In May we had a mix of programs, planning for winter jobs and cleaning up around the property.

David Gibbs has been very keen to have a Mittagundi Dinner in Melbourne and this year in May we launched the new Mittagundi promotional video at this dinner, it was attended by about 40 supporters. It was such as success, the plan is to have a Melbourne dinner each year. David has announced his resignation to the MG Council. David has been on the Council for over 30years and has made a valuable contribution to Mittagundi – thank you David! Fortunately, David will still be in his role this year.  With such a long history of supporting MG, I think Gibbsy will continue to keep an eye on what is happening and support us as needed.... Read more