Autumn Newsletter 2014

Meet the Team

From L to R: Jesse, Ally, Liz, Claire, Toby, Sandon and Michael

From L to R: Jesse, Ally, Liz, Claire, Toby, Sandon and Michael

With fresh, energy and enthusiasm they are whipping the place into a land of Fun and Adventures, ready to welcome the talented teens Nationwide. Come up and meet them and enjoy a 'tea with a view'. 

Read more about them here. 

Photo courtesy of Kev McGennan

Photo courtesy of Kev McGennan

Mittagundi Dinner

On the evening of Wednesday 14th May, we're hosting what we are fondly calling a "Gala Dinner." Really, it is just an opportunity to gather all those that have shown support for Mittagundi over the many years as well as an opportunity to launch the short film that we have been working on. It will be a delicious 3 course meal with beverages @$75 per person, located at the West Brighton Club, Melbourne. Please get in touch and come along with your friends or loved ones. 678 818

Have you been to Mittagundi? 

If you have, then you know what it is all about. Mittagundi was "built by young people for young people," that means to keep it going it takes those willing young people who feel like they have gained something from their time there to spread the love and get others involved. We're not a big organisation in size, but we are big in the experiences we want to share and we need you to help us do just that.

Do you remember the game 'Stuck in the Mud' - it's kind of like that, with less mud and instead an incredible place in the mountains that needs young people to keep it young. If you have other ideas or just want to get involved - We really want to hear from you -

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