Phil O'Donnell - Director



Alli Walker  

Bookings & Communications Manager

Alli Walker Bookings and Communication

Alli is based in Mansfield and manages all the enrolments, social media & relationships with school and community groups for Mittagundi.

Alli has a background in Health, Education, Tourism and Events.  Alli has a Diploma in Tourism & Events and a Graduate Certificate in Adult Education and Training amongst her qualifications. She loves living in the High Country and is a keen skier during the winter (both downhill and cross country) and is a swim coach during the summer months.  As the mother of two teenagers, Alli enjoys spending time in their beautiful "backyard".  


Teresa Petersen - Program Manager

Tree first stepped onto Mittagundi soil as a young person herself when she was 16 on Rotary exchange from Denmark. Yes, Tree is Danish and is the staff member who is living furthest away from home, although you cannot tell because her Aussie language and slang is on point. Since coming to Mittagundi as a young person she has completed an Outdoor Education degree worked with youth at risk, worked as a rafting guide in Norway and competed in whitewater sports races. She has tried the odd office job here and there, but there’s way not enough fresh air and the gossip was too much to bear. Tree’s roots are certainly in the outdoors. Her passion for the outdoors and for rafting and sledding is infectious. When she has a spare moment, she enjoys a cup of herbal tea and having a strum and a sing on the guitar. We look forward to sing-along sessions with you and for you being our shining program manager. Welcome back to MG Tree. 

Program Leaders

Ruby Huzzey

Ruby came to Mittagundi after volunteering in the NT. 

Ruby likes stationary, labelling, muesli, friendly cows, funky woollen gear store jumpers, her pet sheep Micah, avocado, yoghurt, cheese making, being in the outdoors, Akubras, climbing mountains, chainsaws, letter writing, DIY, horses, chooks, haircuts, riddles, the beach, road trips to Wollangarra, masking tape, violin, life, savoys, 1kg tubs of hummus, the NT, driving, her family, tea, Mittagundi, “so good”, mornings, dangly earrings, overalls, cool leaves, Paul Kelly, Knitting and Singing Maetrio lyrics.

When she Finishes Mittagundi she hopes to become a truckie and drive through every state in Australia.


Zac 2017

Zac is Zen.

West Africa to Adelaide to Tassie to Mittagundi, Zac arrived with a suitcase full of experiences, enthusiasm and expressive story telling. If you’re lucky enough to come across Zac with a group of young people, you will likely hear them before you see them; stomping their feet and bellowing in tune to an age old ballad of a moose named Fred, who drank his juice in bed. If that isn’t enough, Zac’s ambitions for a Viking-like beard full of braids will surely impress even the weariest of travellers. 

A cruisy character with a heart of gold, Zac brings a sense of calm to the Mittagundi team; his willingness to lend a hand coupled with his trusty steed, a sturdy metal box also known as a Volvo, we can all rest assured knowing that we have a weekend getaway vehicle at our disposal – so long as it starts.

We are all so glad to have Zac on our team. Thanks for Zac and bringing your Zen. Welcome to Mittagundi!



Adam Smith

Meet Adam, he came to MG as a young person from Northcote, Melb and just couldn’t stay away. He later came back for a winter program, woodchop and garden party and the 2015 Alpine Walk. Adam loves working in the garden, baking bread, caring for the animals and eating vegemite. In 2016, Adam went backpacking in Africa, Morrocco, Europe, India and Japan after saving some money working as a brick layer’s laborer in Melbourne. Adam is super enthusiastic about his year at MG and hopes to build new skills around the property and in leadership. Thanks Adam for being so awesome!




Felix Arnold

As the morning sun comes over the knocker, you will find Felix energizing his long legs, luscious lashes, and locks with chi gong. Warm, gentle, wise and beardy, our residential garden guru is always up for a chat, whether that be to himself, the tomatoes or his loving team members. Fresh from a year studying environmental sciences and arts at Monash University in Melbourne, “Flex” is very passionate about interior designing, especially of his room, but he’ll never admit that to anyone. He is the source of the late night hammering and wafts of incense burning floating through the valley. 

The team like to think or Felix as our experimental chef, adding comfry and coriander seeds to any meal he creates, but somehow always managing to present a beautifully flavorsome dish. Felix has a love for growing vegetables, eating vegetables and even vegetable growing impersonations. His perspectives on the world, a talent on the guitar and enthusiasm for getting projects underway never stop him from sitting down for a cuppa and a slice of cake, but make him a joy to have on the team.Thank you, Felix, for coming to Mittagundi!

Sarah Staff 2017.JPG

Sarah Gilleland – or Gilly as she prefers to be named – is the newest staff member on the team. Arriving from hot, sunny Geraldton, WA, she is adjusting well to the cold and the need for copious amounts of woollen clothing to be worn before venturing outside. Gilly’s background is in Conservation which equips her well for the lifestyle and processes at Mittagundi, and to instil a sense of enthusiasm for conservation within the young people. Having lived overseas and knowing three languages means she is always full of interesting conversations and is always willing to talk to young people and staff alike about life experiences and adventures. It has also made her a wiz at accents, her Italian in particular perfect for a laugh whenever needed. Always ready to provide a good cuppa and willing to enjoy a laugh (even when at her own expense), Gilly brings a more relaxed sense of excitement to Mittagundi during busy periods. Thank you Gilly for coming and joining our little community in the Mountains.

Staff group 2017.jpg