Follow Up Programs

Many young people who come on a Mittagundi Course have a pretty amazing time, and are keen to come back and be involved in the place. Follow-up courses are about being part of the Mittagundi community and lend a hand, to experience more of Mittagundi and meet like-minded new and old friends. You can come up on as many as you like.

Follow-Ups are reserved for young people who want to return to Mittagundi after having completed  a 10-day Program or a Winter Program. 

Scroll down to view Follow Up Programs.  2018 Bookings NOW OPEN

Winter Alpine 2018

JULY 2nd - 6th - $225 - COMPLETE

Explore the High Plains and experience a winter wonderland, fun in the snow. We cross-country ski out and camp at a cosy old cattleman’s hut in the High Plains. Pack extra gloves, beanie, thermals and warm clothes.

Garden Party 2018

OCTOBER 5th - 9th - $225 Girls - FULL (Waiting list).  Boys - Filling fast

Interested in agriculture and general day-to-day farm tasks? You’ll love this one. We spend time sowing the seeds for next years food crops, maintaining fences, looking after the animals and just generally trying to get our hands dirty. 

garden party 2014 with skiscrow.JPG

Enterprise and Craftsmanship 2018

OCTOBER 26th - 30th - $225

Feeling handy? Spend the week black-smithing, doing carpentry, working with wool or paper to make hand- crafts. These items are then sold at markets to raise much needed funds for Mittagundi.


December - Please note that this Follow Up program will not run in 2018

Step outside the Mittagundi property and into the yards of our neighbours. This program is all about helping the locals in the area complete a project they have on the go and saying thank you to them for all their support to Mittagundi over the years. "Many boots make light work" . . . or something like that!


Wood Chop 2018

DECEMBER 14th - 18th - $225

A lumberjack for the week! Lugging, carting, loading, stacking a shed-full of firewood for the coming year.