Life at Mittagundi is simple and full of rewards. The time spent on the farm is utilised by activities such as feeding animals and working in our blacksmith forge or joinery. All of the farm activities at Mittagundi have a purpose, be it chopping wood for the kitchen stove so that your group can eat tea that night or picking fruit from the orchard so that that you can make preserves for the hike out.


There are no clocks or watches (except in the first aid kit) at Mittagundi. Programs are delivered without time constraints. So generally you will get up when the cow leans over the fence and “Moo’s” to be milked and can choose when you want go to bed, fully aware that the next day is a full day on the farm.

All of the activities done at Mittagundi are performed without power tools or electricity and in a fun, safe atmosphere. You will be given the choice over which farm activities you want to undertake during your days on the farm. There are many tasks to choose from and your group will learn to share them out under the value of ‘fairness.’ 


A day on the farm could include activities such as:

  • Milking the cows

  • Learning to bake bread

  • Feeding the chooks, collecting their eggs

  • Using the cross cut saw and splitter to chop up timber

  • Cooking meals and snacks over the wood fire stoves for the rest of the group

  • Blacksmithing door hinges and fire pokers in the forge

  • Harvesting veggies from the garden

  • Creating stools, spoons or bowls in the joinery

  • Pruning trees in the orchard

  • Going out to help a community member with their garden

  • Clearing vegetation in the paddocks

  • Repairing fences

  • Restoring huts