The Alpine Walk is the only program that sees Mittagundi and Wollangarra join forces. Only a handful of young people are selected from each organisation to take part. The young people selected have shown considerable support, enthusiasm and passion for Mittagundi/Wollangarra and have demonstrated their leadership and resilience capabilities. Young people who take part in the Alpine Walk have a unique opportunity to grow and develop as young leaders and experience powerful personal growth.

The aim of the program is to fundraise for Mittagundi/Wollangarra and finish with a triumphant 11 day walk. Therefore the program is a two-part experience:

a) Fundraising for Mittagundi or Wollangarra prior to the walk
b) 11 day walk from Mittagundi to Wollangarra (or vice versa) along the Alpine Walking Track

As a past young person from either Mittagundi/Wollangarra, the funds you raise will go directly to the organisation you attended to help maintain the property, feed the animals and staff and provide opportunities for other young people in financial need to attend Mittagundi. 

Paper Work

You will need to complete an online Medical Care Profile with CareMonkey and complete the CareMonkey Permission Form by the end of December. These will be emailed to you and administered from the Mittagundi bookings manager only.  If you need assistance with completing these forms, please email
We will most likely do some media releases for the Walk and you may be asked to submit an article for the Mittagundi / Wollangarra Newsletters. 

Packing & Gear Information

The Alpine Walk Leader will be in contact to help you prepare for the Walk and ensure you have everything you need.

Remember Mittagundi and Wollangarra can provide a lot of what you need to bring. If you are planning to buy new boots we recommend you do this soon and start wearing them in soon! Camplist can help you get organised with gear. Camplist has a gear list matching ours, so you can be sure the items are suitable for use at Mittagundi and Wollangarra. They also have a hire option for the ‘big ticket items’. You can find and use the Mittagundi List by typing Mittagundi Outdoor Education Centre into the white box at and selecting Mittagundi-All Programs . Wollangarra walkers can use this site too. 



  • Set up a Walkathon Page that people pledge money towards for the amount of KM’s you do on the walk. The walk is approx. 130 km’s over 11 days.

  • Cake stall at School

  • Raffle - you ask people to donate items that would attract a raffle

  • Local Cinema’s have fundraising opportunities - choose a relevant movie - ask the

    cinema how it works

  • BBQ at Bunnings - need to apply in advance - but it can make good money! Contact

    your local Bunnings now!

  • Involve your local Service Clubs to help you raise funds - eg. Lions/Rotary Clubs - They

    do regular fundraising activities (e.g. BBQ at Bunnings, markets, op shops) and if you

    offer to help on one of these they might give you a donation.

  • Trivia night

  • We have a donations page on our websites where people can donate directly to support

    you! Log on now and check it out! Your name’s there!  Give them this link: http://


  • You might have some ideas? Share then with us!

    Hopefully you feel you are getting the right support and information to progress towards a successful fundraising program and preparing for the actual Alpine Walk. Remember you are aiming to fundraise more than $500, so that we can cover the cost of the program and also work towards a donation to Mittagundi/Wollangarra.

    Have a great time fundraising and preparing for the walk!!